Bristol Yachts,

  Built in Bristol R.I.

1966 -1987


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1st Generation Yachts:

Bristol Corinthian Bristol 22 Bristol 24
Bristol 26 Bristol 27 Bristol 28
Bristol 29 Bristol 30 Bristol 32
Bristol 33 Bristol 34 Bristol 35
Bristol 39 / 40

2nd Generation Yachts:

Bristol 27.7 Bristol 29.9 Bristol 31.1
Bristol 33.3 Bristol 35.5 Bristol 3800 Bristol 38.8
Bristol 41.1 Bristol 43.3 Bristol 47.7 Bristol 51.1

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Hull Identification Numbers

How to tell what the hull # of my boat is.

For example; on the transom is the #BTY245620773. 


The first three initials of your "HIN", or Hull Identification Number, are the

manufacturers I.D. In this case, they stand for Bristol Yachts (BTY). The next two digits give

you the length of the boat (e.g., a 24 footer). The next three digits give you the

production number of your boat --- again, 562 means that yours was hull number 562 of

the total number produced (often this is your sail number too). The last four digits give

you the month & year of manufacture --- 0773 means your boat was built in July of 1973.