Bristol 28 Half Ton
Built by Bristol Yachts

Production 1972-1974
Number built - 8


As I understand the only laid up about 7 of these hulls.  Is I understand this Hull was sold bare for racing and the cabin was installed at a later time.

Models: Bristol 28 Half Ton
Bristol 28 -Standard
Designer: Halsey C. Herreshoff
Builder: Bristol Yachts
L-O-A: 29'

L-W-L: 23'
Displacement: 6600#
Draft: (Keel model) 5'-4"
Beam: 9"-7"
Ballast: 3,000# lead, securely fiber glassed inside keel
Sleeping capacity: 5
Sail Area: 482 sq. ft.

Bristol 28 lines
Bristol 28 sail dimensions

The brochure is a contribution from Les Shelton

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